Personal Residential Laundry Service

Your laundry will be ready for you within 48 hours —washed, dried, and folded according to our 10-Point Quality Care System.

Trust Seattle Laundry Service with all of your laundry and down care: we can clean it all! Our comprehensive service and competitive pricing make it an easy choice.  Use our convenient Service Inquiry form to schedule service.

Our Personal Laundry Service 10-Point Quality Care System

  • All loads are weighed, sorted, and separated
  • All loads are washed separately
  • Hypoallergenic formulas are used
  • Wash loads are transferred immediately in to individual dryers
  • Mixed loads are NEVER dried together
  • Loads are removed from dryer promptly to reduce wrinkling
  • Clothing and linens are inspected to ensure that they are completely dry
  • Damp items are returned to dryer
  • Clothing and linens are meticulously folded
  • Folded clothing and linens are carefully bagged and tagged